This Arabian-style job has an unique way of fighting; it confers magic spells onto its weapons to dish out extra damage or effects to disrupt the enemy. You can cast holy and just normal attack if you know the boss is gonna absorb your dark attack ability (aka undead, the earth crystal boss). Spell Fencer may refer to: Spell Fencer (4 Heroes) - a Crown in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Spell Fencer (Bravely Default) - a job class in Bravely Default This job has gone by other names in Final Fantasy such as Sword Mages, but they all boil down to the same thing. Part 131: Let's Learn Jobs: Spell Fencer Let's Learn Jobs: Spell Fencer Spell Fencer gives the best of both offensive worlds: a high physical damage job able to add extra magical damage to their weapons. 1. For example, both Fire and Fira would imbue my Spell Fencer's attacks with fire damage. Introduction. Without further ado, allow Ciggma Khint into your D&D games! It's one of my favorite RPGs of all time-though it does have its flaws-and I decided a while back to re-create one of my favorite jobs from that game as an archetype! Notes from Bando: Hey, any Bravely Default fans out there? Spell Fencer The archetypal… Dark Knight/Spell Fencer: Drain completely mitigates the Dark Knight's Cast From Hit Points handicap (unless you're pitted against an Undead), meaning the player can use Rage (which spams Black Bane on enemies up to 5 times or until their HP drops to 1) with impunity. Bravely Default. For more tips and guides, visit my Bravely Default Master Guide List. Those combos are wrecking stuff on Hard, for me. Collapse All. Preparing breadcrumbs… Search. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments! Spell Fencer … Spell Fencer (Sword Magic) Bravely Default. They favor swords and can add elemental attacks or status ailments to their weapons. Job and Ability List (Part 2) Time Mage (Time Magic) 136. … Foreword. Put Knuckle Lore on a Spell Fencer, give it whatever sub you want, and still get the knuckle damage output. These sword-wielding warriors can infuse their blades with magic like fire, ice, wind, and so forth. 2) Select a leveled Spell Fencer ability for any other job and add typed damage to it. Bravely Default by Greyarc ‹ Part #130 Part #132 › Return to LP Index. Spell Fencer (Sword Magic) 135. View Full-size. Review. Intro and Gameplay. darknight/spell fencer also a good choice, the function of spell fencer is only cast drain sword magic in the beginning of every boss battle. Specialty: Anti-Magic Raise Magic Defense by 50% fo.. Spell Fencers are warriors that imbue magic to their weapons. Info Guide. Maps. Videos Discuss. The best class in Bravely Default is the Spell Fencer. equip BP limit up so that you can have +4 maximum BP. If you use Spell Fencer with Red Mage, you can exploit the enemy's weakness easily. Trophies. Does using Fira (a level 3 fire spell) over Fire (a level 1 spell) cause my attacks to deal extra damage, or are they both just now "fire" attacks and the extra MP I used for the more expensive spell is wasted? Merchant (Commerce) Time Mage (Time Magic) Remove this ad - Subscribe to Premium. Use Black Magic if they have a lower Magic Defense, or Sword Magic if they have a lower Physical Defense.