You can find jacarandas at Vaucluse House and while strolling through Cremorne, Glebe Market, Camperdown or Mosman. You’ll spot them in the Paddington end of Oxford Street, but the real magic happens as you stroll down Glenmore Road and over towards Five Ways. It's that time of the year again where areas across New South Wales are transformed into blooming seas of purple — press play for some sublime jacaranda spots around Sydney. The Royal Botanic Gardens and the City The jacarandas look stunning when juxtaposed by pale, textural sandstone, which may be why so many flock to the University of Sydney campus to spot them every year. Returning in 2021, the annual Camden Jacaranda Festival celebrates the big collection of jacaranda trees on Argyle Street in the town centre with live music, markets and food stalls. North shore The jacarandas are in full bloom across Greenwich, Waverton, Longueville, Wollstonecraft and Woolwich. Many students even live by the folklore that those who don't start studying by the time the first blooms appear on the tree will fail their exams. Our site uses cookies. One of the first known Jacaranda trees in Sydney. Paddington turns purple in November, with jacaranda trees lining almost every suburban street. Then, head over to The Rocks and Circular Quay to snap your pic with the Harbour Bridge in the background. Street after street are lined with Jacaranda Trees around the area so you can stroll, bike-ride or … 1. When spring rolls around, the jacaranda trees in Sydney come into their fabulous mauve bloom. Picture: Twitter/@cityofsydney. We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. Picture: Shutterstock Sydney Harbour. The glorious jacaranda trees will be flowering from late October to November, here's where you can catch them… Who is Lisa Montgomery and Why is Trump Rushing to Execute Her? Generally speaking, the purple blossoms start to show themselves in early-to-mid October. At the end of spring, the blossoms fall from the trees, making a colorful carpet on the ground. Being native to South America, these flowering trees grow in many regions of Australia. Sydney is filled with natural attractions and beautiful native and exotic flora – and none more so than the vibrant Jacaranda trees that line the city streets. Sydney jacaranda – University of Western Sydney parramatta campus Instagram Jacaranda Sydney – First Fleet Park Sydney Jacarandas – Cruise Ship tourists treated to beautiful blooms. Pockets in Hunters Hill, Woolwich, Greenwich, Waverton, and Wollstonecraft also boast jacaranda blossoms in spades. Jacaranda trees are spread all over Sydney's suburbs and stroll through just about any suburban area will present ample photo opportunities. Martin’s dream trees were most likely grown from seed brought to Sydney by sea cap… Moisture: Jacarandas tend to produce more flowers during droughts, and they do better in sandy, well-draining soil.Be sure not to overwater your jacaranda.. Wind: Some gardeners believe that salty ocean breezes can harm a jacaranda and suppress flowering.Protecting your jacaranda or planting it in a spot where it won’t be exposed to wind could help it flower. Sat 31 Oct 2020 15.00 EDT Last modified on Wed 4 … One old legend attributes Sydney’s mass amounts of jacaranda trees to a hospital matron, who would allegedly send new mothers home with jacaranda seedlings. Other top spots in the eastern suburbs for jacaranda spotting? What we do know, though, is that, come late October, the city begins to transform into a vision of purple, as hundreds of jacarandas bloom. It’s purple. Jacaranda blossoms are abundant in late spring, from late April through to early June. View policy.We respect your privacy; unsubscribe at any time. You can check out the Circular Quay port. Hi, McDougall St Kirribilli has a fabulous arch of Jacarandas and they are often well in bloom in October. One of the central and most popular Sydney’s locations in any season is an area of Circular Quay. Google McDougall st Jacarandas for pics to give you an idea. Jacarandas have been planted in Sydney since the 1850s, mostly around the harbor suburbs. Jacarandas are beloved in the city! In Australia, jacaranda trees begin to blossom with rich lavender flowers in mid-October before a peak in mid-November. The City of Sydney tweeted this photo of a jacaranda in full bloom. A perhaps more likely story traces back to the tree being popular during the beautification programs of the early 20th century and interwar years up until the ’50s and ’60s, according to Sydney Living Museums. Jacaranda season is finally here! Although locals and tourists alike love seeing the trees come to life in October and November, for many international students the falling purple flowers are … There are 49 species of jacaranda trees, but the one that’s most common in Southern California is the Jacaranda mimosifolia, also known as the “blue jacaranda,”. As well as being superb street trees, jacarandas look stunning on their own as a specimen tree in an open lawn, … It’s time. Below, we’re answering all your questions about everybody’s favourite tree, and revealing the very best spots to see the jacarandas in Sydney. Soon after, the tree begins to shed its purple flowers to make way for green feathery foliage. A drive or stroll through just about any suburban area will present ample photo opportunities, but of course, there are some pockets of Sydney with more trees than others. Retail therapy on Oxford Street, Paddington, can easily be combined with jacaranda spotting.